Today I wandered along the shore
The wind blew loud and furiously
I watched as waves crashed with a roar
And a seagull spied me curiously
Then looking down towards my feet
I found a stone rounded to perfection
So smoothly refined and sleekly neat
And it came to me upon reflection
That this perfection of cold stone grey
Was made so by the onslaught of sea
Tossed, battered and chipped away
Till it’s edges were worn and scar free
And so much like life now I can see
Beaten and blown this way and that
But will perfection ever come to me
Will my life ever be smooth and pat
Will the rough edges ever wear down?
So that only peace will exist for I
Lover and joy and without a frown
Will my life be perfect… before I die

Rosemary Sadler 2008

rosemary sadler poetry


Born York, UK: 02/14/1950

Passed Away: 06/26/2017

Her poem got several replies in prose from friends overseas that were very much appreciated. Today she watches over us all from up above with the Angels …


Seek Not Perfection

Seeking perfection
can be somewhat of a lonely road
for heavy becomes a heart
as one carries this burdensome load
when we can find that place
where we are simply happy with who we are
release all past mistakes
let healing be done to internal scars
than such joy shall fill us to overflowing
where perfection no longer we need to find
for inside we have become healthy
found peace of mind
if one continues to search for that perfection state
I believe they will always feel lost in this shuffle of life
putting upon themselves truly
unnecessary strife
acceptance of self is crucial
it is then we find that peaceful place
where no longer
do we feel that through this life we must race.

~Mrs.Wabbit~ Canada, 2008


Perfection is the deep red rose bloom,
Attached to a long stem,
That has healthy, green glossy leaves.

Perfection is a beautiful rainbow,
Forming a bright colourful arc,
Viewed through shimmering rain drops.

Perfection is twinkling stars,
Glittering in a dark velvet sky,
On a cold winter night.

Perfection is a state of peace,
Feelings of joy and goodwill,
Expresssed in a warm smile.

tranquilrose Texas



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