Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game

To improve your golf game you need to have a big picture look at where you waste most of your shots.  Look back over your games and count up the reasons why you wasted shots.

You generally need to do this over a 5 game period to get a good picture of what you really need to work on.  Because everyone has a bad day on the putting greens, but if it’s a consistent problem then you need to address it.

When you do this you are not looking for little problems like duffing a chip now and then.  Everyone does that.

Big problems are like:

1. Consistently missing fairways by large margins.

2. Consistently duffing shots inside 100 yards.

3. Consistently 3 putting and missing putts inside of 10 feet.

Instinctively you will know if your driving is crap.  Or you will know if your putting is the weak link in your golf game.

Whatever your weak link is then you need to focus most of your golf improvement efforts on fixing that.

That’s the fastest way to improve.

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