Healthy Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, many of you might be thinking of what to get your mother. 

The most common choice by far is a nice box of chocolate, however, if your mom happens to be watching her weight or dieting, this is not going to be such a loved gift.

Luckily, there are many other great alternatives you can get her instead that will bring a smile to her face and keep her ​​on track with her diet. In fact, some of these may even help her see better progress.

Here’s ​some non-fattening alternatives.


The next best ​​alternative to chocolate is ​​flowers. They’re simple, always appreciated, and classic. While they won’t necessarily help with her ​​weight loss goals, they aren’t going to set her back either.

Protein Bars 

If she is a chocoholic through and through and you really just want to get her chocolate already, you might consider a box of chocolate protein bars as an alternative. Many protein bars taste almost as good as chocolate bars in today’s times and are far healthier in terms of supporting her weight loss goals.

Protein bars are easy to carry around with her when she needs a snack in a hurry as well so are something that you can be sure she’ll be thankful for when hunger strikes.


A Massage Treatment 

If you want to pamper your mother, a massage treatment is another good choice to consider. A gift certificate to get a massage when she can find the time to go is a way for her to relax, ​​reduce her stress levels, and relieve any tired, tense muscles that may be taking place. 

Remember, those tense muscles do make it harder to exercise so this could help her get her ​​workouts in with ease.

If she’s just starting an ​​exercise program, chances are good that she is feeling quite sore from that so this would be especially appreciated at this time.

A Personal Training Package 

Finally, if you know that she has fitness goals and has started to get more active, you might consider a personal training package as well. This can help her learn the in’s and out’s to forming a workout session and go a long way towards giving her a boost in motivation as well. 

Be sure that you check around with the different personal trainers in your area and find one that you think would work well with her personality.

So there are some great alternative gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Get creative and you definitely don’t need to resort to chocolate. 


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