How to Retrieve Your Mental Processing Power to Get More Productive

How to DOUBLE your productivity

Guest Article from Carolyn Hansen

Doesn’t that sound like a BIG claim?

To be able to increase your productivity by 100 percent?

Not so much, it turns out…

What I’m about to reveal now is the dirty little secret of peak performers everywhere.

Something that we hate to admit is true but at the same time we secretly thank our lucky stars IS true!

And this is the undeniable reality that we really only switch on the magic a few hours each day.

For two or three hours each day our brains light up and we pour forth our brilliance to achieve our quota for the day.

Maybe it amounts to 5 pages of the written word, or just an hour of final audio or video.

Maybe it’s just two hours divided into 20 minute segments where you go one on one with the people who make things happen for you.

But no matter how you cut it, your brain performs serious work for just a few hours a day.

For the rest of the time you really might as well have your feet up and be watching reruns of “I Love Lucy” for all the REAL impact it has on your business.

That’s just the way it is.

Nothing wrong with that.

Except that the older you get, the SHORTER that “on” period tends to be.

You lose steam.

Your brain maintains its hyper focus for ever shorter periods of time.

And before you know it you have become DRAMATICALLY less productive.

This is incredibly frustrating.

Especially since you usually won’t be able to put your finger on what it is that is actually happening to you…

Why it is that you are losing your edge.

At least, not until it’s too late and someone who matters declares that you just don’t have what it takes any more to command the level of respect you once did…

But here’s the good news.

Your brain is an organ, like any other in your body.

As it happens, an energy-hogging organ that is acutely sensitive to your metabolic capacity – your ability to convert food into usable energy.

Which is the basis of your productivity.

That means you have the power to rejuvenate it!

Using the strategies outlined in my “Reclaim Your Longevity” program you can effectively “wind back the clock” and retrieve your mental processing power.

Learn How to Switch Off the Aging Process

So while others around you may succumb to the seemingly “inevitable” effects of aging, and simply accept their dwindling capacity to produce, you need not!

I can show you how to regain the kind of energy levels needed to sustain your mental output for another hour or two every day.

Admittedly this does not sound like such a big deal.

But, oh, it really is.

Another 60-90 minutes of peak performance each day?

Extended over years, perhaps even decades?

This is how you easily DOUBLE your total productivity over a lifetime.

What do you think that might do for your total earnings power?

Your earned influence, respect, and legacy over a lifetime?

All from the ability to MAINTAIN your ability to think with clarity and focus for just a few hours every day.

If I could show you how to do that, don’t you think it would be worth knowing?

Of course it would. Click the link below for my FREE book.


Learn How to Switch Off the Aging Process