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Today’s guest post is from Carolyn Hansen who introduces herself as “your workout obsessed fitness guru who knows the secret to keeping your heart as healthy as a horse” and I’m sure that having a healthy heart is close to the top of your wish list. ​

Most people think I am crazy when I tell them I am addicted to this one exercise.

“Carolyn,” they say, “It’s the most boring exercise I could possibly imagine. What’s the appeal?”

Actually I have a story about horses which will interest anyone who needs to lose some belly fat.

Maybe a LOT of belly fat – which, incidentally, is a HUGE risk factor for heart disease.

But I’ll save that story for another time.

One weird exercise to eliminate your cardiovascular risk

Today I want to tell you why you should consider adding the DEAD LIFT to your workout routine.

This exercise is perfectly suited to men, women, teenagers…

But men in particular should look at the dead lift like a chance at a second life.

Because that is pretty much what it offers them.

The chance to revitalize and strengthen almost EVERY muscle group and supporting structure in their body.

Muscles, bones, liagaments, tendons … and your heart.

All from a “boring” exercise that involves nothing more than lifting a heavy weight a few inches off the ground and then putting it down again.

If strengthening you internally wasn’t enough, the dead lift does something else that is like icing on the cake.

It builds your testosterone levels.


No gels needed.

No steroid shots.

No hormone replacement therapy with all its potential side effects…

Just the application of some brute strength!

If you want to strengthen your heart then forget about those silly so-called cardio-vascular workouts that have you bicycling on the spot for an hour.

Or jogging on the treadmill.

Or dancing up a sweat in an aerobics class.

They do very little in the way of improving your long term health.

They won’t add another 20 years to your life.

Or help you live out the later years free of the chronic diseases that strike down those who fail to prepare for old age.

Strong Men Stay Young” is a motto that I believe every man should imprint on his brain by the time he reaches middle age.

Then he needs to ACT on it to ensure he benefits from the philosophy.

I can show you how to do this.

It’s not hard to do.

And it provides you with MASSIVE health benefits.

But ONLY if you take the time to get started, and not leave it until it is too late to do anything about it.

You can do that with my new “Strong Men Stay Young” program designed especially for you guys.

Don’t be like the hundreds of men I have seen over the years who come into my gym to try to REPAIR the damage they have wreaked on their bodies through sheer neglect.

Because by then, often, it really is too late to get back all that you once were…

And let me tell you, there is a TON of regret that goes with this.

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