Future Forward

Water dances across the shimmer plain

where troubles cast with gentle rain

reach high the eyes above to see

gentle breeze

white gulls swoop and fly

across the liquid inverse sky

a time to sail within my mind

escape the demons left behind

the waters of a broken soul

now guide the path where life is whole

a voyage once run on the shore

again to sail

for life holds more.



Now my life holds a Rose

As my arms hold an old love becoming new,

head to toes I thank the stars up above

for bringing me to you

and giving you to me

with love sweet and true

our life together will be so heavenly …

forever and ever it’s going to be

something in dreams never

believed I would ever see.



Under stars come dance with me

to the music of the moon above

take my hand in yours so gently

head on my shoulder my sweet love

and we will celebrate love we found

in each other hearts, spells cast

stroll along the shore, ocean sound

whispers in our ears of love to last

us our whole life through, always true

making love together in perfect rhyme

today, tomorrow, forever, just me and you

loving together until the end of time.



Jonathon 2007



when does infatuation become love