Three Fish Varieties To Avoid In Your Diet Plan

Chances are by now, you’ve heard about how beneficial fish is to your daily diet plan. But did you know that certain fish varieties can actually do more harm than good?

We all tend to think that fish is a healthy protein source and that any form of fish is worth eating. Truth be told bacon is actually a healthier choice than some types.

Let’s look at the worst fish varieties to consume so you know to steer clear of these from now on.


Tilapia is a commonly consumed fish variety for those who are looking to lose weight because it’s very low in calories for the amount of fish you actually get. This makes it a high volume food, which can help improve satiety.

The problem?

Rather than containing the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that fish is so commonly known for, it actually contains omega-6 fatty acids, which can set you up for lots of inflammation down the road.

Remember, omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation whereas omega-6 fatty acids lead to inflammation.

Atlantic Cod 

Now, there’s nothing wrong health-wise with this fish – it’s actually quite good for you. The problem lies in the fact that this fish variety is actually going extinct and if we don’t stop consuming it in such high numbers, we may wipe it out from the planet. Cod is one of the most heavily consumed fish varieties in the world, which is part of why we’re in this issue in the first place.

Of all the fish eggs that are released from the females, only a select few are able to survive therefore the rate of multiplication for this fish variety is really quite low.

Farmed Salmon 

Finally we have farmed salmon. Salmon is a fish that you’ve likely been told to eat time and time again and while it’s true that fresh salmon is a great fish to eat, the same cannot be said for farmed salmon.

Farmed salmon is far more likely to contain PCB’s and these can be linked to things like insulin resistance, obesity, cancer, as well as stroke.

This type of salmon is also going to contain more omega-6 fatty acids and fewer omega-3 fatty acids as well.

So keep clear of these fish varieties and instead, try others. Great options of seafood to consume instead include atlantic mackerel, wild caught salmon, Black cod and tuna. Your body – and the environment – will thank you.

Did any of these surprise you? Which type of fish are you eating most frequently? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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