Covid-19 Leads to Heart Failure in Healthy People

Recent history has shown us that COVID-19 can lead to heart failure in healthy people.

Coronavirus damages more than just the lungs…

New research shows it can even lead to total heart failure.

In fact, a report from JAMA Cardiology revealed…

“Injury to heart muscle can happen in any patient with or without heart disease, but the risk is higher in those who already have heart disease.”

What’s worse…

70% of patients that had heart disease, and developed new heart damage from the virus…


Think about that.

Not only can anyone get infected with the virus…but also

Anyone could have total heart failure.

Now, there’s no cure for the virus yet, and it may take more than a year…

But one way you can protect yourself is to make sure your heart is healthy.

You see…

If you give your heart and arteries more more support right now you can fight off free radicals that cause inflammation, plaque buildup, and strokes and dramatically boost your chances of staying healthy.

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