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Time to Heal
Time to Heal I mourned my loss for many years Grieved as if my life was at an end Felt deep sorrow, shed many tears Now it is time for my heart to mend   My life goes on without you there My days are filled with other things Things that we no longer
How Long Is Forever
How Long Is Forever I am sitting under our special tree The tree where we shared our first kiss Where you pledged your love for me And said we’d share a life of bliss     Where you took my hand in yours Said you would cherish me for all time That
Falling Into Love (Literally)
As I sit upon this mountain Gazing into the valley below A clear night, there is no rain Not on the land nor in my heart For I remember the day we met When I fell into the pond You helped me out and got all wet The look of surprise on your face You
If I Could Wish A Wish For You
If I Could Wish A Wish For You If I could wish a wish for you I’d wish all your dreams come true It would be a wish for you alone Wish all your troubles away and gone   I’d wish your life were full of peace I’d wish for all your woes to cease
Lazy Monday Afternoon
A Lazy Monday Afternoon I close my eyes beneath the heat of the sun Letting the warmth of its glow gently lull me Feeling the touch of the breeze whisper across my body Letting my mind empty of all needless thoughts The only sound, that of far off rustling