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How Likely Are You to Get COVID-19 in 2020?
Is it safe? This is the only question on our minds these days. Recently, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) put out a chart ranking activities based on your risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. You can see them below. They are listed
How To Take A Vacation During The COVID-19 Pandemic
At this time of year, many of you in the northern hemisphere might be contemplating summer trips and vacations. Unfortunately, the events of 2020 have thrown everyone’s plans into disarray. Most countries have restricted travel and freedom of movement, and
Aotearoa in Downward Spiral into New Communism
This week New Zealand moved further into level 2 life heading (hopefully) towards some sort of new (post covid) normal following the post covid rebuild budget and signals that level 1 is on the horizon. Following on from New Zealand at a Crossroads and
Rebuilding a National Economy Under Labour
This week New Zealand moved out of lockdown going from level 3 to level 2 heading (hopefully) towards some sort of new (post covid) normal and yesterday the Finance Minister delivered his post covid rebuild budget. Following on from New Zealand at a
How to Prosper from a Pandemic​  
Has Covid-19 killed your career? Many jobs are disappearing. And if this ‘virtual workplace’ situation really takes off your employer might realize he can hire someone out of the country to do your job, for half as much! This is not to scare you,