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Is It Really My Fault He Cheated?
If you’ve watched the news lately you’ve probably noticed that there’s been quite a stir over who is at fault when men cheat.  A prominent televangelist has suggested that part of the responsibility should be placed on the shoulders of the woman for
7 Tips For More Pleasurable and Passionate Lovemaking
Need some ideas to make your lovemaking phenomenal? These 7 tips should give you plenty of ideas to make your midnight sessions more hot, steamy and passionate, starting today… Become more sensual While most men want to ‘get the job done’ and reach the
Will She Forgive Me for Cheating?
Cheating is a hard thing for the average woman to forgive. It’s not just the breaking of the marriage vows that is difficult for her to forgive. No matter what she says, there’s more to it than that. Women are complicated creatures. There’s no denying
How Can I Forgive My Husband After He Had an Affair
This is a question that woman have been asking themselves for centuries. It’s only in recent decades that divorce has really been an option for women whether their husbands cheated or not. While it’s hard to believe in silver linings right now, the bright
The Absolute Best Sex Positions For Those Mind-Blowing Orgasms
Is there such thing as “the best” lovemaking position? Actually there is! However, the best positions for men and women are different. Also, did you know that by moving even one inch in any direction while in these positions, you can dramatically change