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Healthy Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day
With Mother’s Day right around the corner, many of you might be thinking of what to get your mother.  The most common choice by far is a nice box of chocolate, however, if your mom happens to be watching her weight or dieting, this is not going to be such
Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do After Sex
What do you normally do after sex? Does it depend on your mood or who you are with or where you did the deed or some other reason. Regardless of your answers here there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do for the benefit of your health.
How to React to Your Partner When She is Upset
How do you instinctively react when your partner gets upset? What do you usually do? Does it work? In this article we will attempt to answer those questions by explaining what she really wants from you when she’s upset. Women are difficult ones to read
How to Create the First Impression that Women Desire
She will never tell you what she’s really looking for, and she’ll never tell you what you did wrong until it’s too late. What if you could read inside a woman’s mind and find out what she really wants? What if you could use this
Why Men Pull Away After Intimacy
What happened? The dating and romance was going so well…and all of a sudden your guy thinks he’s Clark Kent and is looking for a phone booth far, far away from here! What’s to explain this confusing male behavior? How does a man go from obsessed,