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How to Kill More Germs When You Do Laundry
Ever wondered what’s hiding in your laundry? Your laundry habits may be leaving your clothes and towels dirty. Here’s the best way to kill viruses and bacteria in the wash. Laundry Day = Germ Day? Some people let clothes sit in the hamper for weeks
Your Home Could Be Bad for Your Health
You’re likely spending more time at home than ever. Do you do leftovers right? Is your makeup germ-free? Can you find your first-aid kit? Here’s how to make sure your home is keeping you healthy. What Does Your Home Say About Your Health?  
How Often Do You Change Your Kitchen and Bathroom Sponges?
Does Microwaving Your Sponges Help To Kill The Germs In Them? A weeks-old kitchen sponge probably won’t kill you, but it could make you sick. The nooks, crannies, and general dampness of a frequently used sponge is an ideal breeding ground for a host of