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Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game
To improve your golf game you need to have a big picture look at where you waste most of your shots.  Look back over your games and count up the reasons why you wasted shots. You generally need to do this over a 5 game period to get a good picture of what
Health Benefits Of Golf
Wherever you are in the world you have probably had your golf restricted if not curtailed completely due to covid-19 so we thought it timely to discuss why golf is good for body and mind. As all golfers know, a game of golf is both mentally stimulating and
Is Golf Good for Your Health in the Covid-19 Era
Many golfers are probably wondering exactly where golf fits in a world that has suddenly been turned upside down. With grocery shopping now considered a full contact sport, and those dreaded gyms and their treadmills turning you away – now really is the
Golf Backswing Secret
Ben Hogan did something in his setup that gave him tremendous stored up energy in the backswing. It’s something you can easily do when you swing the golf club too. And what I’m about to share with you is a solution to a very common problem that a lot of
The Best Golf Swing Balance Drill
Good balance in the golf swing is so important to hitting the ball consistently well. Recently I was reading about an oldie but a goodie drill for improving your balance. The drill is to simply hit balls with your feet together. Research has found that when