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What Honey Can and Can’t Do
For centuries Honey has been used to heal wounds, ease allergies and sweeten things up. Can it really do everything it gets credit for? How Do Bees Make Honey? It begins when a honeybee stops at a flower and sucks out the sweet liquid nectar. She stores the
Healthy Living With Meridian Health Protocol
Do you have the nightmare of laying in the hospital beds, surrounded by several beeping machines, due to cancer? If the terrifying thoughts of painful allopathic treatments and medications haunt you every day, then you are no exception. It is the present
Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy
Eyelasticity Eye Cream Review Eyelasticity is a product which is meant to target aging symptoms around the eyes for an improved look. It is claimed to be formulated scientifically and utilizes active ingredients which have been proven and tested
How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes
No one likes having dark circles under their eyes. They age the face and make you look like an insomniac even if you routinely clock a solid eight hours of shut-eye. Everything from allergies and eczema to fatigue, aging, and genetics can leave you with
How to Reduce Eye Bags and Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes
Some people look like zombies. They’re the ones with bags under the eyes and they look like they’ve been up all night. So why is it that some of us get bags sooner than others? Well there are several reasons. Eye bags are part of the aging