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Foods that Boost Metabolism and Melt Fat
In today’s guest post Peak Performance Fitness Consultant, Carolyn Hansen addresses this burning question for us. Is there really a food that can burn away fat? As the owner of a gym I get asked a TON of questions about health and fitness matters. So I
Are You In Need of a Metabolism Makeover?
When we hear the term “fast metabolism,” it’s usually regarding people – often younger than us – who seem to be able to eat whatever they want and as much of it as they can: They can indulge in sweets, fried food, simple carbs and
How to Regain the Metabolism of Your Youth
Let’s face it – most of us never worry about our metabolisms when we are young. In youth, metabolism is at its peak, and the body has a greater natural ability to be energetic, burn fat and remain lean. But as the years pass we lose our lean
Boost Metabolism With Strength Training – Not Dieting
Boost metabolism and you boost your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently. This is the key to a weight loss regime that is easy to implement and does not require you to starve yourself to reach a healthy body weight. Up until now if we wanted to
Burn More Calories By Boosting Your Metabolism With Strength Training
If you are hoping to rid yourself of excess body fat and you do not exercise regularly, prepare yourself for an uphill battle. Because of your lack of activity, your body very likely lost a good fraction of the metabolism you once enjoyed (the rate your body