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Covid-19 Leads to Heart Failure in Healthy People
Recent history has shown us that COVID-19 can lead to heart failure in healthy people. Coronavirus damages more than just the lungs… New research shows it can even lead to total heart failure. In fact, a report from JAMA Cardiology revealed…
Healthy Heart Healthy Life
Today’s guest post is from Carolyn Hansen who introduces herself as “your workout obsessed fitness guru who knows the secret to keeping your heart as healthy as a horse” and I’m sure that having a healthy heart is close to the top of
Unexpected Heart Attack Triggers
Lack of Sleep You’ll feel grumpy and tired if you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, but it can raise your risk of a heart attack, too. In one study, researchers found that people who usually slept fewer than 6 hours a night were twice as likely
High Blood Pressure Cured In 9 Minutes
Is it possible to drop your high blood pressure below 120/80 in just 9 minutes? Unbelievable…but the answer is YES! Not only is it possible…thousands of people have done it already. In fact, this little technique has become the #1 “underground” high
S_mething imp_rt_nt seems t_ be missing…
Y_u might’ve n_ticed we’ve missed _ few things in _ur p_st t_d_y – our A’s and O’s! We’re getting alongside the World Health Organisation to raise awareness on the importance of the letters O and A – the most common blood types. World Blood