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Kale, Brussels & Pomegranate Salad
‘Tis the season for hosting and attending holiday parties, entertaining everyone from family and friends to co-workers… and you need easy, fun dishes to keep in your back pocket. This recipe is in our holiday feast series: Wholesome, delicious and
Creamy Coconut Chia Pudding
If there’s one breakfast that we never get sick of and always recommend, it’s chia pudding. The flavor profile is so malleable, whether you’re craving blueberry or chocolate, there is always a healthy concoction you can whip up with some
How To Make Your Own Almond Milk
If you’ve always thought that making your own nut “mylk” at home was a ridiculous undertaking, we’re about to prove you wrong. Not only does it take 15 minutes (after the almonds soak overnight), but it contains zero preservatives or
Kale Chips
Get your greens in the form of chips by simply baking curly kale and adding some great seasoning. It’s the ultimate replacement to empty calorie, processed potato chips. You can make them a day or two in advance and keep them in a brown paper bag to
Dill Salmon with Cucumber Salad
This is the perfect healthy recipe to whip up on busy weeknights that sounds intimidating but is actually incredibly simple. It’s the kind of recipe that reinforces the fact that “healthy food” doesn’t equal time-consuming, expensive