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How Functional Fitness Helps You Enjoy Life 
What is functional fitness and how can it help you? You may have heard the term “functional fitness” and wondered what exactly it means. Functional fitness is being able to perform every day activities such as climbing stairs, open and closing
Develop These Important Exercise Habits
Humans are “creatures of habit” in all that we do, and that includes our workouts. Habits don’t just happen – they are formed from continuous repetition. Since we automatically act as a result of a habit we have developed, it is
Are Your Thoughts and Beliefs Sabotaging Your Health and Fitness Success
Have you created some challenging health and fitness goals but seem to struggle reaching them? Do the programs running in your head consistently try and convince you that for one reason or another you will never reach your goals or
How To Build Lean Muscle
Anyone who is serious about building and maintaining healthy lean muscle tissue has been informed about the importance of having enough complete protein in their diets. Protein is a macro-nutrient that is essential to rebuilding and maintaining strong
How to Look 25 at 50
Halle Berry Reveals Exactly How She Has the Body of a 25-Year-Old at 51 When it comes to fitness, Halle Berry does not mess around. For the last several months, the actress has been sharing photos of her workouts on Instagram for #FitnessFriday, revealing