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Omentum the Hazardous Fat Storing Organ 
This organ looks a lot like panty-hose… Pot belly is just one pet name for the excess weight that many carry around the mid section. Although not attractive in appearance, these excess fat deposits often get poked fun at rather than taken
How to Break the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle and Keep Weight Off
Does this happen to you? You lose weight in spring and gain it back over the holidays (and the holidays are here!). Then you make a promise to yourself to start fresh after the New Year, only to find the weight creeping back, despite your best efforts. It
How to Eat Healthy As You Age
It’s common knowledge that a healthy diet improves the way our mind and body works. Yet as we age, many people don’t realise our dietary requirements change too. Eating healthily from 50 and above becomes even more important, with different nutrients and
The Weight Loss Motivation Bible Finally Provides Us With The Missing Ingredient In The ‘Weight Loss’ Recipe
Finally, I understand why so much weight loss information is contradictory. There is no lack for information online about dieting, health, and fitness… But far too often, one program or article says, “Do this and you’ll drop the weight like
Are You Programmed For Fat Loss Failure?
We are all programmed for fat loss failure. That’s what Carolyn Hansen believes. She says it is why she decided to create a fat loss membership site, to counter the bias we all have when it comes to our approach to eating and exercising to maintain our