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Staying Calm In Turbulent Times
Nowadays, simply tuning in to the daily news is likely to be stressful. Add on the stresses of daily life — such as handling work demands or adjusting to retirement, dealing with family issues, coping with illness, or caregiving — and you may begin to
How to Overcome the Nocebo Effect
You might be relieved to know . . . your body makes itself healthier when you signal it with LOVE. You can wear the masks and gloves, swallow the vitamins, and sanitize everything all day long. But do not forget the most important action step for a healthy
How to Retrain Your Mind to Release Anxiety
Your mind can be a powerful ally or a formidable foe, especially during these stressful times. The simple practices of mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you train your thoughts to serve you well. If you pay attention to
How to Exercise Your Emotional Resilience
Emotional resilience is one of the hottest topics right now and for good reason… It refers to the ability to deal with emotions (whether positive or negative) and how to effectively handle stress.  In other words…how well we bounce back when
Research Identifies Possible New Pathway to Reduce the Symptoms of Anxiety
Researchers know that anxiety is a result of repeated stress. William Colmers, a University of Alberta professor in the Department of Pharmacology, is trying to understand why stress affects people differently, and to identify possible new therapeutic