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Discover the Only True Fountain of Youth
Around five hundred years ago a Spanish explorer went searching for the legendary “Fountain of Youth” – the secret to being young again. Since then modern day explorers in the form of researchers have been continuing the quest for the
Aging Gracefully On The Highway Of Life
Aging gracefully on the highway of life can have its roadblocks and these problems can sneak up on you when you’re over 50. More than 9 in 10 older adults have some type of chronic disease, and almost 8 in 10 have more than one. So chances are,
How to Look 25 at 50
Halle Berry Reveals Exactly How She Has the Body of a 25-Year-Old at 51 When it comes to fitness, Halle Berry does not mess around. For the last several months, the actress has been sharing photos of her workouts on Instagram for #FitnessFriday, revealing
Why a Healthy Diet is Better than Sun Screens for Preventing Aging Wrinkles
When I was a teenager, my summer’s goal was to get as tanned as possible, so needless to say, my friends and I spent a good portion of our summertime sun bathing as much as we could. And to make matters worse, no sunscreen for us, no sir, we used baby oil
How to Look 50 at 80
What This Woman Does to Make 80 Look Like 50  Learn the 70-20-10 formula that keeps her in such great shape At some point in life, many of us swap our bikini for a one-piece and a cover up. Not Filomena Warihay. She’s birthed four children, and turns 80