Jon Ross, Author at Third Millennium Lifestyles
Discover the Only True Fountain of Youth
Around five hundred years ago a Spanish explorer went searching for the legendary “Fountain of Youth” – the secret to being young again. Since then modern day explorers in the form of researchers have been continuing the quest for the
How Functional Fitness Helps You Enjoy Life 
What is functional fitness and how can it help you? You may have heard the term “functional fitness” and wondered what exactly it means. Functional fitness is being able to perform every day activities such as climbing stairs, open and closing
How To Maintain Motivation In Times Of Set-Back
We all have health goals. Yours might be to start exercising more regularly so you have more energy to get through the day. Or perhaps you’ve set the goal to shed 20 pounds so you can reduce your risk of disease as you get older. Whatever the case happens
How Likely Are You to Get COVID-19 in 2020?
Is it safe? This is the only question on our minds these days. Recently, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) put out a chart ranking activities based on your risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. You can see them below. They are listed
Aging Gracefully On The Highway Of Life
Aging gracefully on the highway of life can have its roadblocks and these problems can sneak up on you when you’re over 50. More than 9 in 10 older adults have some type of chronic disease, and almost 8 in 10 have more than one. So chances are,