How to Actively Reprogram Your Thoughts

The ingredients of your life….​

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes” Mahatma Gandhi 

Truth is, the human mind is a thought generator…generating thoughts consciously and unconsciously. It is actually capable of producing hundreds of thoughts in a short amount of time.

The question is: What are you thinking?

Are you a positive or negative thinker? How you think about and interpret the events is your life determines the eventual outcome.

Positive thinking is associated with positive actions and outcomes. They are the ingredients that create real value in your life and help you to build skills that last.

A positive mental attitude produces positive perceptions resulting in optimism. Optimistic people are happier and healthier. They enjoy more success than those who think negatively.

The problem is, we as humans have been programmed to “survive”…our natural instinct to stay alive. Our brains are still programmed to respond to negative emotions the same way – by limiting our options and shutting off the outside world.

Negative emotions, attitudes and thoughts are depicted by unpleasant ideas, unfavorable and degrading words and disturbing mental images.

On the other hand, positive emotions open our minds and broaden all possibilities. An affirmative thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative thought.

The reality is, we are ultimately in control of our thoughts. The next time a negative thought vies for attention in your mind, see if for what it is…limiting,and constrictive. Simple replace it with a positive one.

The human mind is an amazing tool. It generates both positive and negative thoughts and there is always a conflict between them. What wins out is shown through our actions and behavior towards things. If our mind is full of positive ideas on dealing with everyday life, our way of thinking also becomes positive, if it is full of negative thinking then that is what plays out.

Positive Thoughts

We can define the term “positive” as confident, optimistic and focused on good things as opposed to bad things. Therefore, positive thoughts are those that bring confidence, optimism and focus to us as an individual. Positive thought breeds a positive outlook in life.

Optimistic, positive thinking includes thoughts such as: “I am smart. I am open to new ideas and knowledge,” “I stand out in a crowd with my magnetic smile” and of course “I can, therefore I will.”

Simple “I can’s and I am’s” are the perfect way to start cultivating a mind filled with positive thoughts.

Negative Thoughts

Negative is the opposite of positive. You could define it as “being pessimistic or tending to have an undesirable outlook.” These types of “mind thoughts” are nonconstructive ideas that discourage us from being someone or doing something. They pull us down so we are unlikely to believe in ourselves or in what we do and achieve.

When we formulate limiting beliefs about what is possible for us to accomplish, our response is to limit and bind any actions we take. As a result, the results we experience are limited.

Negative thoughts are evil and many times observable on the faces of people entertaining them. No, not, don’t, can’t, won’t and what ifs are all types of negative thinking that destroy rather than create. These types of limited thoughts hold you back and build a wall between you and your goals. They keep you from doing something without even trying.

Truth is, our minds our boundless when it comes to generating thoughts. When an issue occurs, it immediately goes to work making a list of all possible solutions, regardless of whether they are acceptable or unacceptable or even possible.

It’s at this point of disturbance that the clash begins. The positive thought “yes, I can” and the negative thought “no, I can’t” compete. The accepted and prized thought is what then moves into action. If our belief is that we are likely to fail, then the subconscious gets to work producing actions that support this belief. On the flip side, when we trust we’re going to succeed then then our subconscious goes to work setting the table for success.

It is our actions that speak loud and clear and reveal what kind of thoughts have been dominating our minds. These are the thoughts we carry around and entertain on a daily basis. If there is something that needs working out, it is not our actions that need tending to first…but our thoughts which lead to those actions.

We must get life working for us. Since all our behavior results from the thoughts that precede it, our focus should not be on the “behavior” exhibited but the thing that is causing this behavior…our thoughts.

Both positive and negative thinking have power over us. It’s entirely up to us which one we choose to empower us since both shape our future and create out destiny…just bringing different results.

Always keep in mind the fact that your thoughts are more important than the actions you take. If you keep yourself in a constant positive frame of mind, you will be able to keep your motivation to achieve optimal health strong and resilient. With strong motivation behind you, achieving your goals becomes much easier.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem. 

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Special thought below in this global pandemic period …

Waiting and worrying

It’s easy for us to choose to worry. The world is upside down, the slog continues, a tragedy unevenly but widely distributed.

Worry takes a lot of effort. And worry, unlike focus, learning or action, accomplishes nothing of value.

And, at the same time, due to the time-horizon of the pandemic, it’s also tempting for us to simply wait. To wait for things to get back to normal. But all the time we’re spending waiting (for a normal that is unlikely to be just like it was) is time we’re not spending learning, leading and connecting.

Waiting is, sort of by definition, a waste of time. But time is scarce, so wasting it is a shameful act.

If we decided to simply reduce our waiting and worrying allocation by 50%, just imagine how much we could discover, how many skills we could learn, how dramatically attitudes could shift.

We can still wait (even though time will pass either way). And we can still worry (even though it doesn’t do any good). But perhaps we can figure out how to do it less.

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